Mosta DomeMillbrae's second Sister City is Mosta, Malta, an island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea approximately 60 miles south of Sicily. The relationship between Millbrae and Mosta was formalized in April 1996 when Councilmember Doris Morse led a Millbrae delegation to Mosta for the official ceremonies. This delegation included Honorary Consul General of Malta Charles J. Vassallo and Honorary Consul of Malta Edwin Bonavia, both long time residents of Millbrae. Since then, Mosta's Mayor Nazzareno Vassallo and other councilors from Mosta have visited Millbrae.

Mosta GroveThe Sister City program has made it possible for residents of the two cities to learn more about each other. There is presently a pen-pal program between a large number of children in both cities who are discovering the similarities and differences with their counterparts and possibly forming long-term friendships. A similar program, which will encourage communication between teachers in the two cities, is being considered. Millbrae Grove was dedicated by former Mayor Daniel F. Quigg when he visited Mosta in May 1997. The Grove will flourish as trees are planted on the occasion of each visit to Mosta by Millbrae residents.

Future plans for this new relationship include alliances between the Lions Clubs in Millbrae and Mosta and the Boy Scout troops in the two cities. Student and cultural exchanges are also expected. Two successful "Festa Maltija" fund raising events have been held, both of which were attended by over 250 people.

Millbrae officials and citizens travel to our Sister Cities at their personal expense.

Click here to view photos from former Mayor Doris Morse's visit to Mosta for the signing of the 'Declaratioin of Affiliation' between Mosta, Malta and Millbrae, California.