La Serena BeachMillbrae has embraced the concept of "People to People" relationships fostered by Sister City programs, as envisioned by president Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956. Recognizing Millbrae's sizable Chilean population, the Germains of Millbrae visited every mayor in Chile in search of a suitable Sister City in 1963. The Germains recommended La Serena, the second largest beach resort in Chile, as the most appropriate Sister City for Millbrae. To date, over 90 high school students have exchanged visits between Millbrae and La Serena.

La Serena Plaza In May 1963, the Millbrae City Council extended an invitation to La Serena Chile to participate with Millbrae as its sister city. Soon after the agreement was formally ratified by the two cities. The sister city program has concentrated on educational exchanges, service club alliances, and economic activities.

Fund raising events such as "Una noche en Chile" and federal grants have provided thousands of dollars for travel scholarships for Millbrae high school students to travel to La Serena, La Serena students have studied at Mills and Capuchino High Schools. Millbrae high school students have been invited to study in La Serena during the summer of 1998

The City of La Serena is the capital of the Fourth Region in Chile and has a population of 110,000. Together with the nearby port of Coquimbo , they have a population of 170,000. La Serena is the 2nd oldest city in Chile . It was founded in 1544 and is Chiles 2nd largest resort city with miles of beautiful beaches. La Serena is also the gateway to fertile valleys that produce delicious and varied fruit, as well as spirits such as pisco. Chile is considered the safest country in South America , and like its name “La Serena” that means serene in Spanish, this city is very safe, beautiful, and serene.