About Us

Commisioners WebThe Sister City Commission consists of fifteen members (13 adults and 2 students) appointed by the City Council for terms of four years each. The Sister City Committee was originally established in June of 1971, was re-established in April of 1990, and changed to Commission Status in 2001. In 1996, Mosta, Malta was added as a second Sister City, joining La Serena, Chile.

The Commission regularly meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Millbrae Library Community Room.

The mission of the Commission is to promote a greater global understanding of other cultures and an international perspective of the citizens of Millbrae in light of the significant changes happening throughout the world by:

Establishing exchange programs through local residents, businesses, schools, churches, and similar entities and institutions,

Encouraging foreign language study, and assisting newcommers in learning English and our culture,

Identifying and promoting trade relationships,

Drawing upon the diverse population of Millbrae to include representation from as many groups as possible, and

Revitalizing the Sister City relationship with La Serena, Chile, and promoting the relationship with our newest Sister City; Mosta, Malta.

The Duties of the Sister City Commission are as follows:

  1. To Develop a program plan consisting of projects, exhibits, contacts and exchanges of all types to foster and promote the objectives of the mission statement;
  2. To implement the approved program upon request of the City Council with the understanding that no fund raising activities shall be carried out nor expenses incurred without prior approval of the City Council;
  3. To keep the community informed concerning the Sister City program;
  4. To advise the City Council of matters pertaining to any Sister City affaris, and
  5. To perform such other duties as may be assigned to the Commission by the City Council for time to time.